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Credit Score Breakdown

I came across this some time ago but thought I would post it as it provides a breakdown of what weight certain factors play in determining your credit score.

As you can see the largest overall factor in determining your credit score is your payment history followed closely by the amounts owed.

One thing that always seems to affect my credit is the length of credit history. Because I moved to the USA from another country my credit history is relatively short compared to that of most Americans the same age as me.

Here is another grahpic from Experian showing the “credit quality” of certain types of credit.

I currently don’t have a mortgage so that could be hurting my credit. I do have an auto loan though which is a type of installment loan. Obviously, I have some credit cards but also some retail cards like Walmart and Amazon.

My Credit Scores: 26th April 2012

These are the latest scores from my credit monitoring services with each of the credit bureaus. It’s important to realise that these are not accurate FICO scores but they give a snapshot of my credit with each of the credit bureaus.

Experian: 721
Equifax: 652
TransUnion: 756

I also have these recent FICO scores from applications and other sources.

Experian: 724 (from Bank of American denial January 18th 2012)
Equifax: 719 (from US Bank denial letter April 11th 2012)
TransUnion: 761 (from MyFico Febuary 2nd 2012)