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My Experience Of Getting Paid Collections Removed

I’ve had some success previously in getting paid collections removed off my credit file. My story is rather unique however and certainly won’t work for everyone. Also, improving your credit is pretty pointless without improving your overall financial situation. Credit without sufficient income is a recipe for disaster, so before worrying about credit repair I would urge you to look at your finances and income.

My story was that I had a lot of outstanding medical bills and an old cable bill that I thought had been dealt with. I was in a good financial position after focusing on increasing my income for the past few years and so I paid off all of my outstanding bills.

It wasn’t until later that I realized that this had done little to improve my credit. Although, the bills were now appearing as paid on my credit reports there was still collection activity on my credit report which is an extremely negative thing to a lender.

Paid collections can stay on your credit file for 7 years and I really didn’t want to wait this long for my credit to improve. So I set about getting the collections removed from my credit file. The first thing I did was double check every collection listed on my report for inaccurate information. I then disputed anything inaccurate. The result was that the majority of the collections were removed from my credit report.

However a few paid medical bills and the paid cable bill wouldn’t budge. I then tried contacting the original creditors to ask for the collections to be removed from my credit file as an act of goodwill. Unfortunately, the original creditor for the medical bills had gone out of business so I struck out there.

I did however, contact the collection agency and asked them if they could remove them in goodwill. They agreed and after a few days all the medical collections were finally gone from my credit reports. That just left the paid cable bill.

This was the most difficult to get removed and it took some research and patience to yield a result. From reading on credit repair forums I knew I would have to contact someone high up in the cable company and plead my case of why I should get their good will. There were some mitigating circumstances why the original bill had been neglected and so I wrote an e-mail explaining the circumstances and asking for their goodwill in removing it from my credit file.

I then found e-mail addresses of several key people at the cable company. I sent the e-mail to all of them and this included the Vice President, Area Manager and Customer Care Manager. I got several responses but they all seemed to pass the buck rather than give me a yes or no answer. Finally, my request was forwarded to someone who would make the final decision. That decision was that they couldn’t remove the collection. I was disappointed and frustrated but I had to accept their decision. After all, the cable bill had been my responsibility and had remained unpaid due to my oversight even though there were some personal events that lead to this oversight.

I felt defeated but accepted that this could be on my credit file for the foreseeable future. After a day or so this got easier to accept and I started to think of other things to focus on with a view to improving my credit worthiness. Then out of the blue I got an e-mail from someone quite high up at the cable company. They said they were overriding the previous decision and that the paid collection would be removed within a few days.

I was ecstatic! After accepting defeat gracefully I was then rewarded with an act of goodwill from the cable company. It felt seriously good to have got the result I had wanted all along.

So my advice to anyone attempting to get paid collections removed is to be creative. Try disputing but only if there are inaccuracies. Then try the goodwill approach, first with the original creditor and then with the collection agency if you don’t succeed. If they say no, don’t get angry at them and be abusive because if you accept defeat gracefully they may just turn around and change their minds!

Removal of Avis Hard Inquiries

I’m always looking for ways to improve my credit score and since I don’t have any negatives on my credit report like collections or bankruptcies I decided to look at getting some of my hard inquiries removed or recoded to soft inquiries.

I know it’s possible to dispute inquries but I don’t want to go that route since all the inquiries on my credit report are legitimate and made by me at one time or another. Inquiries are supposed to stay on your credit file for 2 years but lenders often only look at inquiries in the past 6 or 12 months.

One reason I have been denied credit recently is the amount of inquiries in the past 12 months. This is why I am taking a look at my inquiries to see if there is any way I can shift some of them.

The first inquiries I am going to attempt to remove are from Avis. I’ve been renting from Avis for some time and last year had quite a lot of rentals with them since I was without my own car for most of the year. One thing many people don’t realise about rental cars is that many rental companies will do a hard pull on your credit file when paying with a debit card.

I become a preferred member with Avis last year which apparently removes the need for them to run your credit every time you pay with a debit card. However, I still seem to have 4 hard pulls on my Equifax credit report from Avis.

So I got my wife to call Avis and ask if they would consider either removal or recoding of these. The lady she spoke to was very helpful and has already removed 3 of the 4 inquiries. If the 4th hasn’t gone in a few days we will call her back.

The credit score shown on my Equifax credit monitoring (although not a FICO score) has already gone from 644 to 652!